betsy2Betsy has a passion for content creation and children’s television. She is currently working as a children’s television programming and marketing consultant as well as on her own projects.

Most recently, she and Eric Jacobson co-created “Camp Lakebottom,” an animated television series currently in production in Canada.

Betsy has written for My Little Pony (The Hub), The Adventures of Chuck and Friends (The Hub), and published her first two children’s eBooks on the Amazon Kindle platform.

She is also an iPhone apps producer and co-founder of free4all apps, an apps development company.

Betsy previously served as Senior Vice President and General Manager, Kids’ WB! on The WB and The CW Television Networks, overseeing all development, current programming, scheduling, and marketing. Under Betsy’s leadership, Kids’ WB! was the #1 children’s broadcast network and garnered numerous Emmy®, PROMAX, and Prism awards.

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  1. ameer sorrell

    HI MS,Betsy Mcgowen
    I’m ameer sorrell and I wanted to ask you a question on, how to pitch a show to an network? I have been try for two years now looking for help. form agents to etc. but all I help a get are scams. I really want to bring children’s television programming back to a time were kids was kids. please email I would like to talk more about it.

    thank you

      1. Ameer

        Sorry about that. my question is.

        where should I look for help? I have tried studio that accept show treatment , and I had looked for literary agents but what types work with animation? I have put every thing into this show and I’m just need some help. I keep writing and add more characters to my show but I running out of money and time. I’m also looking for investor but where do I look. please I hope you can help.

  2. Ginger

    I’d like to say that I enjoy your show “Camp Lakebottom”.

    I do have a question or two.

    1. Are Gretchen and Squirt brother and sister?

    2. Will there be any plans for a coupling between Gretchen and McGee? Or are they just really good friends,with no romantic interest within each other?

    3. Do you still have some conceptual art for the show including the main characters. I saw some where Gretchen was blonde, and Squirt had brown hair. And both were in completely different outfits.

    I’d also like to know if the characters are based on anybody,where you got the inspiration, and are you familiar with the show “Jimmy Two-Shoes”?

    Got to go now,
    see ya later,

    1. Betsy Post author

      Hi Ginger,

      Glad you like the show! Gretchen and Squirt are not brother and sister and, at least for the foreseeable future, Gretchen and McGee will remain really good friends only. And, yes, the characters did change over time as the show developed. I don’t currently have any original concept art available to share. (I like your drawing of McGee on deviantart, btw.) The CLB characters are not based on anyone in particular. We originally focused on several main personality traits for each character to give them depth and then further developed the characters and their physical attributes from there. And, lastly, I am familiar with the very early development done on Jimmy Two Shoes, but only saw it once or twice after it started airing here in the U.S.

      Keep drawing!
      Betsy 🙂


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